Bersandar pada yang ada.

Bersandar pada apa yang ada dalam tangan ialah tanda kurangnya iman kepada apa yang ada pada Allah SWT.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What is democrazy.

Democrazy is demonstration of craziness.
In some part of Malaysia 'demo' means 'you' or 'they'.

In other words 'democrazy' could also mean 'you are crazy' or 'they are crazy'.

Example #1.

George Bush is crazy because he was told by a group of crazy people to :
  • go to war with Iraq
  • bullshit the world by saying Saddam has weapon of mass destruction.
  • give huge amount of money to Israel to make them look like small kids with big toys.
Example #2.

President of Iran is crazy because he is trying to manufacture nuclear bombs to obliterate Israel.
I do wish him good luck anyway.

to be continued...

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